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Professional Translation Agency in Qingdao Shandong China

Our Professional Translator Teams

We have 400+ professional translators including our
in-house translators and freelance translators worldwide

Industry Focus

Technical Translation

High quality technical translations allow you to effectively convey important product information to international customers and extend your global reach.

- Patent Translation

- User Manuals

- CAD Drawings

- Technical Reports

- Analysis

- Compliance Guidance

Medical Translation

20+ years of medical translation experience with hospitals, clinical research organizations, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and other Life Sciences industry entities.

- Clinical trials
- Biotechnology patents
- Healthcare documents

- Patient consent forms

- Patient information
- Research papers

Certified Translation

Our certified translation can help you with Visa, Passport, Immigration, Education, Court, Home Office, Employment and Government applications.

- Legal Documents
- Marriage & Family
- Medical Records

- Certificates

- Financial records
- Contracts & affidavits

Translation for More Than 100 Languages

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