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Interpreting Service

Our interpreters can interpret for you in most popular languages

Our professional interpreters can provide you with support for the most popular languages and at all types of events, accompanying you during negotiations, personal conversations and business trips. Perhaps you need an interpreter for a very specialized subject area or a court interpreter for meetings with the judicial authorities or courts? OM Translation will find the right specialist interpreter and develop an interpreting solution tailored to your specific needs.

Specialist interpreters for more than 100 languages

We can provide you with qualified interpreters for more than 100 languages, and we also ensure that the chosen interpreters have the necessary specialist knowledge for your subject area. Our specialist interpreters ensure effective communications across language barriers. If you are looking for an interpreter for the most popular language pairs, including but not limited to:

  • English-Chinese
  • German-Chinese
  • Russian-Chinese
  • Italian-Chinese
  • Spanish-Chinese
  • French-Chinese

we have the right specialist interpreters to meet them.

Conference interpreter: Professionals for your events

Our conference interpreters are ready to assist at conferences, congresses and events of any kind. We can help you to communicate smoothly and efficiently with your international partners in numerous different languages and language pairs during your events.

Simultaneous interpreting with high-quality technology

With simultaneous interpretation, our specialist interpreters translate the spoken words directly, enabling international conference and meeting participants to follow the various lectures and discussions with almost no time delay.

Consecutive interpreting using note-taking techniques

With consecutive interpreting, our interpreters translate without using complex technology. This might occur, for example, during conversations between business partners, or during presentations and lectures. And having the interpreter on site with you enables you to address and clarify any issues as they arise.





Major languages:

English to Chinese interpreting, Japanese to Chinese interpreting, Korean to Chinese interpreting, German to Chinese interpreting, Russian to Chinese interpreting, French to Chinese interpreting, Spanish to Chinese interpreting, Portuguese to Chinese interpreting, Italian to Chinese interpreting, Finnish to Chinese interpreting, Dutch to Chinese interpreting, Arabic to Chinese interpreting, Danish to Chinese interpreting, Hebrew to Chinese interpreting, Greek to Chinese interpreting, Czech to Chinese interpreting, Norwegian to Chinese interpreting


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