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Legal Translation

For important legal documents

International business and other cross-border activity is proliferating enormously. But enterprises operating globally come with a big challenge. They’re founded on legal documents accepted by the national and local legal authorities of the countries they operate in. And if problems arise, such as disputes between partners of different nationalities, additional legal documents must be prepared and translated into one or even several different languages. The accuracy and appropriateness of the language used and the degree to which it dovetails with the legal language and system of the target country can mean the difference between international collaborations that run smoothly and those that hit potentially disastrous roadblocks.
Each country’s legal authorities, whether they be courts, registry offices, ministries, or executive agencies and departments, operate under their own laws, rules and procedures that simply aren’t flexible or forgiving of errors. They’re either followed or they’re not. And running afoul of them can lead to serious setbacks for a business trying to establish itself, create a partnership, or to resolve a problem. And this “right or wrong” standard definitely applies to the quality of document translation.
Risks brought by poor-quality legal translation
  • An issue in a translated document is challenged by another party and only then do you realize your translated document is of poor quality. A judge orders a new, better translation you have to pay for, often along with rush fees.
  • Court or agency penalties and fines
  • Judges and other legal professionals viewing you and your case negatively
  • Increased costs for attorneys and other professionals
  • Document sections being dismissed by judges (such as one complaint in a lawsuit), weakening the case
  • Delays in proceeding with or finalizing needed action, resulting in possible lost opportunities
  • Loss of confidence by partners, courts, and agencies that could stack the deck against you
  • Mischaracterization of facts
  • Loss of reputation, compromising your business’s success
Our experience, standards and credentials mean you can trust OM Translation Company for impeccable-quality translations of your legal documents.

Major languages:

English to Chinese legal translation, Japanese to Chinese legal translation, Korean to Chinese legal translation, German to Chinese legal translation, Russian to Chinese legal translation, French to Chinese legal translation, Spanish to Chinese legal translation, Portuguese to Chinese legal translation, Italian to Chinese legal translation, Finnish to Chinese legal translation, Dutch to Chinese legal translation, Arabic to Chinese legal translation, Danish to Chinese legal translation, Hebrew to Chinese legal translation, Greek to Chinese legal translation, Czech to Chinese legal translation, Norwegian to Chinese legal translation

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